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Create Values-Based Financial Health

and Enhance Well-Being through

Money Mindfulness

Insurance & Investment Strategies

Michael D'Apice | 14 Mohawk Drive, Collinsville, CT. 06019

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Michael says, “While taking the first step is commendable...without direction it is still called ‘wandering’.”

Celebrating over 30 years of client-centric mentoring and service!

Mission Statement

To steward each valued client toward improved overall 'whole-self health' with a keen focus on optimizing the financial aspect of one's life-experience. 

By embracing the process of Money Mindfulness mentoring, which has been wrought, refined and tested during over 30 years of financial expertise, one can build more wealth to spend and enjoy, reduce risk, minimize taxes and eliminate lost opportunity costs of inefficient financial products...all this, often without additional out-of-pocket outlay beyond one's current budget allocations. 

Arriving at a more excellent financial destination than that to which traditional financial planning pitches and products might lead will foster more confidence, more joy, more security and more certainty.